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Nastradamus. His name has resounded through the centuries; shadowed in legend and mystery. Who was this amazing 16th century mystic who accurately predicted future world events more than 400 years before they actually happened? These unbelievable predictions include the French Revolution, the rise and fall of Napoleon, the rise of Adolph Hitler, the Kennedy assassinations […] Read More


Born with absolute pitch, infallible rhythm, and a natural comprehension of harmony, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had come into this world with a complete gift. This is how, at the age of four, the child began to play the clavier, and at five, picked up a violin and, reading at sight, staggered through six trios with […] Read More


What Monet found in Venice, according to Mirbeau, was a chance to renew himself by tackling the preconceived images of Venice. He no longer hoped to conquer the light, only to “glide” on the surface of the canvas, in the same way that light glides over things or in the same way that “the most […] Read More


That stunning voice–no one can deny its power. It’s one of the reasons why fans have made Mariah Carey the only artist to have a hit single every year of the ’90s. Now known as one of pop’s most powerful performers, it took 20 years for the girl from Long Island to become a pop […] Read More


Lorraine Hansberry was a playwright, born in Chicago. She is best known as the author of A Raisin in the Sun. A Broadway success and later a movie, the novel explored the struggles of a black family to escape from the ghetto. Hansberry died prematurely in 1965, before she was able to fulfill her promise […] Read More


Visionary – the images she created on film proved she was a genius at making motion pictures. She hasn’t directed a movie in more than 50 years, but remains the most famous woman filmmaker in history, and the most despised. Leni Reifenstahl was called “Hitler’s director.” Some contend she was also Hitler’s lover, which she […] Read More


Forty-three year old Jack Kennedy, two-term senator from Massachusetts, was the youngest president ever elected. His wife, 31-year old Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, a former New York debutante, was the youngest first lady. Baby John junior and his three year old sister Caroline, were conspicuously missing when their father was sworn in as the 35th president […] Read More


The move to New York meant returning to his roots for Seinfeld, who was born April 29, 1954, in Brooklyn and raised in the Long Island town of Massapequa (which he has always joked was an old Indian name meaning “by the mall”). After graduating from Queens College, Seinfeld appeared at New York comedy spots […] Read More


Although an American, John Singer Sargent did not even see the United States until he was 20. He was born in Florence on January 12, 1856. His mother, an amateur artist, had persuaded her doctor husband, that her sickly constitution required the healing climes of Europe. Her son remained an expatriate for the rest of […] Read More


John Jasper was a noted slave preacher who became a significant community leader in Richmond, Virginia, following the Civil War. Born and raised on a plantation in Fluvanna County, Virginia, Jasper at the age of 13 was hired out to work in tobacco factories in Richmond and later in the coal mines of Chesterfield County. […] Read More