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Biographies Free Voice Over Scripts

Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin taught us about the joy of work and practiced what he preached. As a young man, he sometimes worked through the night to finish a promised job on time. When he bought paper for his printing shop, he was not too proud to haul it himself in a wheelbarrow. On his first journey […] Read more

Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey

In the 1930s, Robert Woolsey and Bert Wheeler had the adoration of millions of fans worldwide. They made many films together and even saved a studio from going bankrupt. RKO Studios was a highly productive moneymaker creating movies with Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers, Kathryn Hepburn, Cary Grant, Barbara Stanwyk, and many other stars […] Read more

Betty Crocker

Although Betty Crocker is a fictitious character, she was crowned the second-best-known woman in America in 1945. Her appearance in 1921 resulted from a competition to complete puzzles and win a pin cushion for a Gold metal flour media promotion. Prize letters displayed the warm, approachable Betty Crocker signature and became a brand that was […] Read more

Beyonce Knowels

A 21-year-old Houston native, Beyoncé Knowles is a founding member and chief songwriter of Destiny’s Child, one of the biggest selling female acts of all time. With many of the group’s hit songs co-written and co-produced by Beyoncé, Destiny’s Child sold more than 33 million records worldwide. When Beyoncé won the 2001 ASCAP Pop Songwriter […] Read more


The man claimed he was six-foot-two but looked at least an inch taller. Blue eyes and dark hair framed a face that was somewhat stern. Since he always looked stern many people assumed he was hard and cruel. That notion flew away when he smiled. It was rare and wide and put even the most […] Read more

Bill Cosby Biography

Bill Cosby was a pioneer in comedy and won numerous awards and recognition. He began his career in 1963 and soon performed to a full house. He grew up in Germantown, PA as the oldest of four boys and he attended Temple University. His first job was as a bartender at a campus coffee house, […] Read more

Bill Gates

Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955, in Seattle Washington. He had three sisters, his mother’s name was Mary, and his father was William Henry Gates, Jr. Although he was a bright active kid, his attention soon moved from regular academics to the computer center. At 16 he teamed up with friend Paul Allen […] Read more

Bix Beiderbecke

In the 1920s Bix Beiderbecke was a renowned, self-taught jazz musician. The Original Dixieland Jazz Band, Louis Armstrong, and King Oliver greatly influenced his style and tone. Although he led the troubled life of a lonely, sensitive man, his artistic ambition made him the father of the jazz ballad style and the ‘cool jazz’ genre. […] Read more

Boris Yeltsin

As Russia’s first democratically elected leader, Boris Yeltsin saw the peaceful dismantling of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the last empire. He introduced democracy to a country that was under autocratic rule for 1,000 years. Many wondered if he was either a heroic revolutionary or an erratic reformer. Was he a larger-than-life leader, […] Read more

Bre Tiesi Biography

Voice Over: “She’s a model, a fitness enthusiast, and a social media star. This is the story of Bre Tiesi, a rising icon in the world of fashion and fitness.” Voice Over: “Bre Tiesi has always had a passion for fitness and fashion, and she’s used that passion to make a name for herself in […] Read more