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Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow learned to play piano at the age of 6, majored in music education in college, and performed in a local band on the weekends. For a few years, she also taught music at the Rockwood School District in St. Louis. Before her debut album in 1993, she was a backup singer for Michael […] Read more

Sir Alec Guinness

Sir Alec Guinness started acting professionally in 1933 and soon became one of the most famous screen and stage actors of his generation. He was voted best British actor in 1951 and won an oscar in 1957 for his role in The Bridge on the River Kwai. He was knighted by Elizabeth II two years […] Read more

Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton was an English mathematician and scientist and a central figure in the revolutionary period known as the Enlightenment. He also led the way as a natural philosopher, astronomer, theologian, physicist, and author. Newton established classical mechanics with his book Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy and formulated the laws of universal gravitation and motion. His […] Read more

Spice Girls

In 1996, the Spice Girls hit the British music scene and skyrocketed to instant fame. They earned both the adoration and criticism right from the start and were seen as an example of synthetic mass-marketing by the music industry. They didn’t spend years as starving artists and they didn’t write songs. If the Beatles were […] Read more

Steven Foster

Steven Foster was known as the father of American music and the most famous songwriter of the nineteenth century. He wrote more than 200 songs including My Old Kentucky Home, Oh Susannah, Swanee River, Beautiful Dreamer, Camptown Races, and Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair. In other countries, he is the most recognizable American composer. […] Read more

Stevie Nicks – Behind The Music

Stevie Nicks is one of the few artists to succeed as a solo artist and as part of a group. With her ethereal style and enchanting voice she is best known as a member of Fleetwood Mac and has a net worth of 120 million dollars. After a three-year self-imposed exile to regain her health […] Read more

The Answer is Blowin’ in the Wind

Singer and songwriter Bob Dylan released “Blowin’ in the Wind” in 1962, and mused that it was inspired in part by the autobiography of Woodie Guthrie, Boud for Glory. The song presents rhetorical questions and ideas about war, peace, and freedom, and was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1994. Later on, it […] Read more

The Big Apple

Ever wondered how New York became known as The Big Apple? As refugees from Europe escaped the dreaded guillotine, they began arriving in New York in the early nineteenth century. One such immigrant was Madomiselle Evelyn Claudine de Saint-Evremond, a courtier and favorite of Marie Antoinett. She was well-educated, vivacious, and beautiful and easily became […] Read more

The Kennedy Children

At the age of 43, Jack Kennedy became the youngest ever president-elect. Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy was the youngest first lady, and together with baby John Jr. and 3-year-old Caroline, made up the youngest family to live in the White House. When the 35th president was sworn in on January 21, 1961, the children were safe […] Read more

The King’s Speech

The King’s Speech, written by David Seidler, was a historical drama that was made into a play as well as a film. It won many awards and nominations at the 1983 Academy Awards, including Best Actor, Colin Firth, Best Picture, and two more. Seidler himself managed a stutter in his youth and began writing about […] Read more