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Biographies Free Voice Over Scripts

Dalai Lama

He is known in his homeland by many titles. The Ocean of Wisdom, Holder of the White Lotus, and Protector of the Land of Snows. Millions of followers around the globe worship him as Tibet’s Living Buddha and its Wish-Fulfilling Gem. Additionally, the reincarnation of Bodhisattva Chenrezig, the Lord of Compassion. Here in the West, […] Read more

Daniel Moynihan

Daniel Patrick Moynihan is retiring from the United States Senate after twenty-four years in office. He spent his afternoons during the winters of 1942 shining shoes in front of the Wurlitzer Building, on Forty-second Street between Sixth Avenue and Broadway. He was fourteen years old and lived in a small Upper West Side apartment with […] Read more

David Hockney

Born on July 9, 1937, David Hockney was one of the most influential British artists of the 20th century. He was part of a working-class family living in the town of Bradford, in Yorkshire, England. The radically political views of his father led to antiwar activism. He wrote protest letters against world leaders while running […] Read more

Demi Rose Biography

Voice Over: “She’s a model, an influencer, and a fashion icon. This is the story of Demi Rose, a rising star in the world of fashion and beauty.” [Scene opens with images of Demi Rose as a young girl, showing an early interest in fashion and beauty] Voice Over: “Demi Rose has always had a […] Read more

Edward Abbey

The American West lost one of its most eloquent and passionate advocates when Edward Abbey passed away in 1989 at the age of sixty-two. Through his novels, essays, letters, and speeches, Edward Abbey portrayed the West as in danger of overdevelopment, and that the only solution was the preservation of wilderness. Abbey authored twenty-one books […] Read more

Eleanor Roosevelt

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt served as the first lady of the United States from 1933 to 1945, longer than any other. She was independent and informal and brought a warm informality to the White House. She and the President waited their turn to be served and the inaugural buffet like everyone else and even helped with […] Read more

Ellen (Nellie) Cashman

Nellie Cashman came to Boston with her mother, sister, and thousands of other Irish Catholic immigrants around 1860. After moving to San Francisco a few years later, she and her mother developed a fever for mining and traveled to the silver camps of Nevada. They opened the Miner’s Boarding House in Pioche to support her […] Read more

Emily Dickinson

As a lover of words, Emily Dickinson felt reverential respect for them and her selection of them was ritualistic and devotional. “A word that breathes distinctly has not the power to die,” she stated. She appreciated brevity in selecting them as a way to create an intense, defining single moment rather than a method of […] Read more

Ernest Hemingway

Every fall and winter for over twenty years, Ernest Hemingway spent time at Sun Valley, Idaho. He enjoyed his trips through France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and Cuba, but Idaho was always home. The hunting was superb, and he reveled in the sunny meadows and wild mountain crags. Fresh game could always be attained by way […] Read more

Ernest Hemingway 2

The life and work of Ernest Hemingway centered around a crucial controversy for half a century and more. He presented himself as a worldly man from the moment he began his writing career. Whether in his public behavior or published work, he confirmed a specific image of himself. He was an athlete, a sportsman, a […] Read more